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Women's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Great shoe and great service!
22 April 2014

My husband runs and had already purchased the men's version of this shoe. I have knee issues and decided to give them as try as well after he swore to them. They are great! They took about a week to break in but after that they've been great. I added an orthotic insert for extra support as I have flat feet. The ordering online was fantastic! I ordered on Saturday and got them on Tuesday. It was practically like buying them at the store!

Nashville, TN, USA more product info
Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Good shoe but sizes run small
21 April 2014

I like the way this shoe forms to the contour of you feet when stepping but I have a large foot and even though I size up already this shoe was way too tight on my toes. An even larger size is listed but wasn't available nor are wider widths. Looks like I won't be running in these.

Delaware more product info
Women's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes
21 April 2014

Very comfortable. Feels like your walking on cloud.

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Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Best Shoes Every Purchased!
20 April 2014

Multiple leg, feet, and knee surgeries make walking possible. These shoes make it FUN! Buy full size larger due to my feet.

Fredericksburg, TX 78624, USA more product info
Women's Energy Boost Shoes Obsessed
18 April 2014

Easily the best pair of running shoes I've ever owned. They're light weight and super flexible in the toe box area. I run 6 days a week on the track and through trails and I've never had a problem with cushion or comfort throughout my workouts. I've been running in Saucony's since grade school and those were like rocks compared to the Boost. Somehow they became my everyday shoes as well and I'm about to order the 2.0. Good job adidas!!

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Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Best Shoe Ever
18 April 2014

The Boost is the best shoe ever....don't miss out....

Murfreesboro, TN, USA more product info
Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes The Best shoe ever
18 April 2014

A++++++++, I feel very comfortable , feel free when i wear this shoe .It is the best shoes i ever and ever own .

Odessa, TX, USA more product info
Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Buy This Shoe!
18 April 2014

As an active duty member of the armed forces I have been running for over twenty years. I've tried every brand, seen every running shoe fad from super technical to minimalist and everything in between. While I was deployed recently my wife sent me a pair of Boost shoes (version 1.0) that she bought at the local post exchange. She told me about them and I was VERY skeptical. Until they arrived and I took them out of the box and ran 5 miles....and it was GLORIOUS. These are the lightest, best fitting, and most responsive shoes I have ever owned. I'm a large frame dude who is a mild over pronator and these work great for me. I'm on my third pair and have even got my wife hooked and them as well. In one time in these shoes and you'll never go back to anything else.

Fort Campbell, KY, USA more product info
Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes SECOND-TO-NONE
17 April 2014

I am going to be absolutely straight with you, these Energy Boost 2.0 shoes are second-to-none when it comes to comfort, fit, style, and over all performance. You will be hard pressed to find another shoe that performs as well. Do your feet a favor and try a pair!

Malibu, CA, USA more product info
Women's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes I like
17 April 2014

I like these shoes, however I am normally an 8 size. When I went to the store, tried on both 8 & 8 1/2. The 8 1/2 felt way better, but they do look a little big in the toe area. But I still use them!

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Women's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Awesome Running Shoe
17 April 2014

I got the energy boost last year. It was my favorite running shoe. So I decided to go with the 2.0. I love that they are light and have just the right amount of cushioning. Not to bulky and just the right amount of spring. I did buy them an extra 1/2 size bigger then my normal shoes and it works for me. Love the Energy Boost 2.0

Niagara Falls, NY more product info
Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes This are the best
17 April 2014

These are the best purchase I have made ever. I am a serious runner, putting in 15-25 miles a week, and I can notice the difference in my run. I am faster, I barely notice the impact on my feet and my knees barely hurt. I reccomend these amazing running shoes to anyone who is serious about putting in a few miles into their run.

Japan more product info
Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes SERVES ITS PURPOSE
16 April 2014

I bought these to help alleviate knee and ankle pain when running. Luckily I tried on a pair before I bought them. I went a whole size larger then my regular size to make up for the narrow arch area. And it still very snug. I don't even pull the shoestrings very tight when I tie them. So I have ample room in the toe area, loose on top of the shoe, but tight at the arch. Strange. The foam midsole does seem to work with the discomfort I have where the screws are inserted.

Glendale, AZ, USA more product info
Women's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Energy Boost
14 April 2014

I got these shoes to use as walking shoes. COMFORTABLE!

Nebraska more product info
Women's Energy Boost Shoes Most comfortable shoes I have ever run in
13 April 2014

I went to the Addias outlet to look for some good running shoes to train for my half marathon. I like how light weight they are (I have "the other" brand of shoes and they are like weights) & they absolutely feel like I am running on a cloud. The support on the heel is what sold me on these. I've had these for 2 weeks now and am the happiest I have ever been-so are my feet and legs. Didnt mind the price too much, you get what you pay for. :)

Vancouver, WA, USA more product info
Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Smallest shoe ever
13 April 2014

These shoes run much smaller than you would expect. The toe portion of the shoe was so small I could not even get my foot into them!

Michigan more product info
Women's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Wow!
10 April 2014

I normally buy another big brand but this time I changed my mind and decided too go with Adidas and yes I am so happy I did This trainer not only looks nice it feels like a sock your wearing I train a lot and sometimes do running but It feels lovely too wear in training the design of the shoe is excellent Don't think I will be buying that other brand for a while Well done too addidas brilliant design.

London,blackheath more product info
Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes Tightness around stripes casued blisters
10 April 2014

Meant for my longer training runs of 13.1 or more, I wore these three times and each time they caused blisters on the outside of my right foot where the stripes are. A great shame because they felt really great to run in. As a result, I changed to the BoostGlide for longer training runs and the fit is much better. Adidas, please remember that some runners need broader fitting shoes - it would be great to have the broad option for all types.

Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA more product info
Men's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes One of the best running shoes
09 April 2014

Love the new boost running shoe! I would highly recommend them.

California, USA more product info
Women's Energy Boost 2.0 Shoes wow! Best Ever!
08 April 2014

I was skeptical and I thought there was no way that these could hold up to the claim of being the best. I have run in Adidas for years... but after running in these shoes I have to say they are the best running shoes I have ever worn. I will be running in these from now on. Super light weight, feet do not over heat, the cushioning is out of this world. Running on clouds? yes, please!

Salt Lake City, UT, USA more product info
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