The ball flies high. Edging the end-zone. Hopkins jumps, one hand stretching. Reaching. Fingertips grip pigskin. Possession achieved, he touches one toe down, then tip-toes to the other foot as he falls. An unlikely 6 ft 1, 210-pound ballerina. The crowd roars. The commentators? Incredulous. The flap drops. Touchdown. Where does this extraordinary begin? At the 50-yard line? In the locker room listening to Southern rap and old Gucci Mane? At 6am on the alarm beep? Or years before when he chose the gym over the party? But extraordinary is no more made in one moment, than in DNA.

We sat down with DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver for the Houston Texans, in his LA living room. He explained how he creates his ready, “98% of work is put in outside of the field, where people aren’t seeing you.” The key mentor is his life is not a top coach or a hall of fame-er, but his mother. He talks to her daily no matter what. 1,835 calls, one for every day of his pro career. She keeps him grounded. “The mindset that my mom instilled in me when I was young - to be able to sacrifice for what you want. It always stuck with me.” He grew up in South Carolina and was no stranger to curfew as a teenager.”

From an early age I had to make sacrifices.

This early discipline has made him ready for the 24/7 Athletic lifestyle. “Being an athlete, especially at the level I’m at, it is high demand. Your body is your temple”. From daily acupuncture to ounces of water drank and acai bowls eaten, Hopkins lives off-field like he plays on-field, with focused dedication.

Sport has always been his love since childhood, but style is a close second. Hopkins, wearing the adidas Athletics Z.N.E Hoodie Fast Release, explains. ” Your style is who you are. My style represents me because I’m a professional athlete.” In his ordinary life, as in his style choices, Hopkins does his own thing “I don’t follow the trends’. Perhaps no surprise then that his daily routine includes additions such as yoga and meditation, but the results speak loud. 5,865 yards ran. 413 Receptions. 40 yrd dash in 4.41 sec. For Hopkins, ready is a state of body, and mind. He joked once that he’s only playing to get his hall of fame stats up. A rare moment for a humble athlete, who views his success not as a birthright. Not as ready-made but created day by day. Rip Ready.