323 out of 365 days on tour. 21 cities a year. Thousands of miles from family and friends. Alone, surrounded a crowd of thousands. A tennis pro’s life is unlike any other - solitary, fiercely individualistic and intensely pressurized. Where do you create the ready for extraordinary that this sport demands? We spent a day with the world number 3 and last year’s Wimbledon winner in straight sets, 7-5, 6-0, Garbiñe Muguruza to find out.

For her - tennis is more than a sport, it is a vocation. Her ready is forged in a daily life that produces performances that are anything but ordinary. When we met Muguruza in March, she already had 4 continents and 4 tournaments under her belt. While making a smoothie, she spoke about a normal day in her life, “I wake up at around eight. Have breakfast and then go to the gym, I work out for an hour and a half then I go to the courts for another 2 hours. Then lunch, a moment to relax and back to the gym for another hour and half.” 5 hours training a day? She laughs, “Well, after there’s my physio massage where I can relax”. Her ordinary life is indivisible from her performances.

Everything is connected. Outside of my training work, I also live like a professional athlete. I would do whatever it takes to be healthier, be more competitive, be better than my opponents.

Muguruza started tennis aged 3 and went pro young. “From an early age you are in an environment where you have to grow up very fast.” She fidgets with the fast release zipper of the Z.N.E Hoodie Fast Release she’s wearing, then laughs, “You have to figure it out your own recipe to be successful and not get ‘killed’ on the way’. It’s not glamourous, she explains, “The ugly part. The part that people don’t see are all the hours we put in. The work. The loneliness. The demanding part of going to the court every day when nobody is watching you “. “The big stage”, she shrugs, the Centre Court “that’s the easier part”.

As we head out for a walk and to snap some photos, Garbiñe confides how she finds ordinary moments like these relaxing. “It’s actually what I enjoy most. Just going to the grocery store or the cinema. Things that I normally don’t do.” For a player that is always travelling or training, simple ordinary life is treasured. Snatched moments of normality help her stand her ground in the toughest environments, help her create extraordinary under extraordinary pressure. Rip Ready.