Tech revolutionised for an all-new running experience. Take it forward.

adidas 4D shoes


17 years of data and over 5 million lattice variations were examined to create a 3D printed performance midsole, coded to move forward with every stride. As a single-component design, the 4D midsole is precisely tuned to absorb pressure from all parts of the foot. Make every run feel like progress with the latest edition, 4DFWD.

Futurecraft is a philosophy. It’s understanding that the future of innovation is never an achievement, but always a work in progress and targets redefined. It’s a blank canvas where we project our dreams. Out of Futurecraft, 4D is born. Years of athlete data, digitally awakened, allowing us to create the first 3D-printed midsole and evolve the athlete forever.


“Perfect balance of price and 3D printed comfort. Super super comfortable midsole technology, been wearing it 4 days straight on evenings and getting great compliments on how cool the [shoe] looks. Will buy more colors!”
-verified adidas purchaser

"I believe that shoes with 3D printed midsoles are the future of running. They're shoes made for athletes. The possibilities are really exciting and it’s amazing to be a part of that journey with adidas.”

Miri Dattke, German long-distance runner


When sports meet Silicon Valley, something truly unique happens. It's not just what we make, but how we make—and the process is key. adidas 4D is crafted with our most revolutionary digital printing technique yet. We united with Carbon, an innovative tech company, to create a groundbreaking computational design with Digital Light Synthesis. Liquid, light and oxygen form the three elements of the 3D printing process. The end result is a unique lattice structure. This is where we change the game. The combined individual lattices guide the foot with ultimate precision and give potential to weave more complex shapes. So, from track to the street, the adidas 4D delivers long-lasting cushioning and stability for any activity. As a single-component design, the adidas 4D midsole is precisely tuned to absorb pressure from all parts of the foot. Like reactive cushioning, this provides controlled energy return across each stride. We’re never done asking the question ‘how can we make 4D even better?’. So, we got to work and took 4D to the next level with our latest running innovation: 4DFWD. We examined 17 years of athlete data and over 5 million lattice variations to create a 3D printed performance midsole, coded to move forward with every stride. The data-driven focus means we can dive into the core of pioneering sport-specific comfort. We're paving the way for the future of our performance footwear, delivering precision crafted shoes, personalized and adapted for every potential.