Black · Falcon


Black Falcon trainers inspire you to unparalleled heights

Wearing our black Falcon collection of trainers, you can confidently put your best foot forward and feel inspired to soar to unparalleled heights whatever your chosen endeavour. Embrace your rebellious nature in retro mesh and suede or leather runners that offer increased support courtesy of our unique Stabilising Torsion and Torsion X-Bar systems. Though they sport a chunky look, these shoes are constructed with EVA midsoles and rubber outsoles for efficient weight reduction. Once you slip your feet into a pair of these exceptional products, you will feel like you are primed and ready for take-off.

Amuse yourself in adidas black Falcon trainers

Our adidas black Falcon line features dynamic performance trainers that can be used to enhance your leg training routine at the gym or to help you glide effortlessly while running. Their lightweight construction belies an enduring durability that you can savour for year-round training schedules or as a daily wear option for work or school. With their sturdy design, you can also enjoy hours of dancing pleasure for your own amusement or with friends at the club on the weekends. Those who lead less active lifestyles will appreciate them as comfortably stylish footwear for the modern urban environment.

Falcon trainers in black boost your enthusiasm

We have designed our Falcon trainers in black to be bold and daring as a reflection of the positive attitude you bring to the table every single day. Wear them to provide an extra boost of motivation for those long days that can be tough on your feet. Or you can select them to inject some additional enthusiasm into those evening activities you’ve been eagerly anticipating. Our shoes embody the distinctive spirit, power and aesthetic beauty of their namesake and are available in a range of sizes, from 3.5 to 9. No matter the attire, your feet won’t tire of their superior comfort.