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Black Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Effortless style meets all-day comfort in black sweatshirts and hoodies for every activity, whether you're hanging out at home or heading out with friends.
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adidas Black Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Sophisticated or super casual, black sweatshirts and hoodies from adidas do it all. They take the swagger from the basketball court and soccer pitch and carry it onto the coffee shop sofa or the dance floor. And if you'd rather head home and relax? They're cool with that too. Fleece and French terry are the all-time MVPs of comfort for black crewnecks just made for lounging and laying about. Built-in stretch is designed for ease of movement, but it's also ideal for stretching out on the couch. Go for the gold in chilling out or working out.

Black sweaters look great with dark pants or skirts when you want a monochrome look to keep it chic and understated. Or, if standing out is your thing, they excel at setting off the bold, bright colours of your slacks or tights. Black pullovers are great for layering, built with a little extra room so you can pull them off and display your favourite t-shirt or button-up. When you want to fly under the radar or just grab some much-needed chill time, toss on an all--black hoodie, pull up the hood and tug the zip all the way up. Instant bliss. You'll find black sweatshirts and hoodies now at adidas.