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Blue · Caps

Relaxed Strap-Back Hat
Terrex AEROREADY Five-Panel Graphic Cap
Tour Snapback Hat
adidas x Gucci Baseball Cap
Links Trucker Hat
Tour Badge Hat
Players Hat
Crestable Golf Performance Hat
Tour Print Hat
Baseball Cap
Criscross Golf Hat
Par 3 Hat
AEROREADY Tiger Graphic Cap
Graphic Cap
Oilers Slouch Adjustable Cap
Canadiens Slouch Adjustable Cap
Trucker Hat
Game Day Snapback Hat
Members Bounce Hat

Adjustable blue caps so you can go about your business

The adidas collection of hats and caps was designed to provide you with basic, everyday headwear essentials that are affordable, stylish, dynamic and comfortable to wear. You can go about your business in them whether it takes you to school, work, the gym or your mate’s house for a chat and a cup of tea. Our blue caps come in two basic versions: the traditional six-panel variety with adjustable buckle, and the more innovative snapback version to ensure a more comfortable and secure fit. There are also unique flat-brimmed and vintage baseball blue caps for a more classic look.

If you need a constant companion, look to our blue cap

Day or night, a blue cap can be your constant companion as well as providing you with shelter from the elements. Daytime is the right time to grab your blue cap before you leave in the morning to catch the train, take the bus or hop in the car, and when daytime becomes night-time it can be there during your workout to keep the sweat and hair out of your eyes. Night is also a great time to pull on your cap and give it a twist or other adjustment to fine-tune the right attitude before you hang out with your friends.

adidas blue caps set your mood and attitude just so

If you’re a keen runner or spend a lot of time on your bike, there are some innovative adidas blue caps among the collection that might be of interest to you. These models feature special UV protection built into the brim of the cap so you can look confidently ahead without the sun’s glare damaging your skin. In addition, you’ll find special fabrics that wick sweat off your brow and out of your eyes. All models feature easily adjustable closures and there is a rich variety of styles and attitudes available. All are important attributes which every great cap should aspire to.