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Boys' pants with camo pattern

Clothing with the quintessential adidas logo is ingrained in the world of sport and streetwear. Our pants have that indisputable three-stripe style. Boys' pants with camo pattern from adidas are designed to complement your active lifestyle.

Made for creators – adidas boys' pants with camo pattern

Cotton is among the materials we use to produce our pants. Cotton has the advantage of feeling nice on the skin without making you break into sweat easily. It is mainly suited to less strenuous activities or as an outer layer.

You are the center of attention on every stage with our brands

You will find trends that are already potential legends in the pants collections of brands such as Performance. Performance represents an added level of motivation and achievement. Our pants collections include Harden. There are pants in blue and grey.

People who make use of creativity to revolutionize their world – adidas products for boys's. The next generation of 'sneakerheads' is already raring to go. All who want to discover something new every day need to feel comfortable while doing so. This is where our collections for boys's are just what you need! Workout – in that decisive moment, you have to show what you're made of. With adidas gear, you are extremely well equipped to do precisely that.

Show your personal style that is totally you with boys' pants with camo pattern from adidas.