Canvas Shoes

Step out in easygoing style in canvas shoes from adidas. From archival favourites to modern styles, canvas sneakers keep it real, and real comfy.

adidas Canvas Shoes

Probably the most telling thing about canvas shoes is the sports that rely on them the most. Arguably, those two sports are mountain biking and skateboarding — two activities that put footwear through an insane amount of paces. Dirt. Rocks. Falls. More falls. Collisions. Boards. Ramps. Pavement. Speed. The list goes on. The fact that canvas is the preferred upper material for these sports just proves how durable it is. And from that comes what canvas has come to symbolise, particularly with skate-inspired shoes. No nonsense get-it-done-ness. Realness. A "yeah it looks good now, but it'll look even better after it's been battle-tested" vibe that transcends the skate park or the bike trail.

When you wear skate-inspired canvas footwear like the 3MC or Bravada, you're getting that durability, abrasion resistance, vulcanised outsole and rubber toe cap that make them ideal for the skate park, but you're also getting all that stylish cred. One of our most iconic canvas sneakers, the adidas Nizza, brings retro vibes to your look and comes in multiple designs, from low to high top and laced to laceless, as well as a mix of colours and graphics. And the fact that the upper is both soft and made to last is just icing on the cake. Beyond all-canvas shoes, you can find almost any of your favourite adidas models in a multilayered upper that includes canvas. However you like your canvas runners, you always get that quality and classic look of the Brand with the Three Stripes. Shop adidas today for all the best canvas shoes.