Minimum effort, maximum impact. Getting ready for the day is hassle-free with adidas athletic dresses. Browse the range, from classic styles to new arrivals.
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adidas Dresses

You might put on an adidas dress when you want to feel feminine, but you also wear dresses when you want the freedom to move. You can run in a short, pleated dress or wear high-performance tennis dresses on the court. Sports dresses are all about confidence, fluidity and style. They come in a broad range of hem heights and loads of silhouettes, from A-line to fitted and ruffled to sophisticated. When you're living an active lifestyle, you want athletic dresses that can breathe and wick away moisture as the heat builds up. You also want flared skirts and side slits that let you really swing your legs without the fabric binding or catching. No baby steps for you.

Workout dresses have built-in stretch so you can reach further and lift higher. Many come with matching shorts or tights for extra coverage when you need it as you jump high or crouch low. Our adidas dresses toe the line in white with racerback tank tops and leggings, or they break boundaries in black mesh, bright patterns and cheeky cutouts. You don't want a dress that sits on the sidelines just looking sweet. You want dresses that win cups, beat records and keep you comfortable while you show the others just how it's done. Discover the dresses of your dreams today at adidas shops or online.