Girls' Dresses

Kids move freely in girls' dresses from adidas so they're great for both active and easy-going days. Feather light or fleece-lined, shop styles for all seasons.

adidas Girls' Dresses

Some days she wears dresses to express a feminine mood. Other days she goes for dresses when she wants the freedom to move. Either way, adidas ensures she's covered. She can throw on one of our tennis dresses for fast jinks and turns on the court or a pleated number on the green. Dresses for girls are all about confidence, fluidity and style. They come in a range of hem heights and in all types of silhouettes, from A-line to fitted and ruffled to sporty. When she's running on the playground or track, she'll need flared skirts or pleats that let her really swing her legs without restriction. No baby steps for her.

Tween dresses from adidas are made for that fleeting moment between childhood and young adulthood when she's losing her interest in toys and leaning into self-expression. Teenage girls' dresses are made to reflect the many moods, fancies, passions and personas she'll try on as she journeys on her path to adulthood. Maybe your young girl wants a pastel-coloured dress for sweet, blend-in style as she observes from the sidelines. Or maybe she'll opt for dresses that win cups, beat records and keep her comfortable while she shows everyone just how it's done. Shop for girls' dresses she'll love at adidas today.