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Game on with waterproof golf jackets 

Bad weather is one of the concessions we have to make here in the UK. Whether you are on-site or playing a round of golf, rain adheres to no man’s schedule. Our range of men’s and women’s waterproof golf jackets comes in a variety of designs and materials. Using top quality materials in cutting edge designs we have precisely the jacket for you, no matter what your personal preferences may be. From sleeveless bomber jackets to full-length activewear, adidas waterproof golf jackets offer protection from the elements while bringing you industry-leading comfort and style. On or off the course show off your style and professionalism with jacket options that are as appealing on the green as they are in the office or at home. 

Not just a fair-weather fashion item

Designed with practicality in mind, the adidas range of golfing jackets presents more than just a stylish statement in golfing wear. The ingenious combinations of insulating materials still offer breathability and comfort while keeping you safe from the elements. There is no need to change after the last hole, as our designer adidas branded wear is perfect for any social occasion or professional meeting. Straight off the green and into the office, our golfing jackets keep the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern business person in mind, ensuring that you are never left lacking when it comes to a tasteful safeguard against unpredictable outdoor elements.

No-fuss and ready to golf

The adidas waterproof golfing jackets offer real ease of use and absolute convenience, with easy-to-clean materials and breathable insulation to counteract sweating. Go from the golf course, straight into a boardroom meeting before relaxing at home. Designer aesthetics make for complete versatility iconic wear while remaining at the very forefront of professional activewear.