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Explore high and low through wet conditions in adidas GORE-TEX shoes. From muddy trail runs to drenched thru-hikes, waterproof shoes keep you dry all the way.

adidas GORE-TEX Shoes

Don't let wet feet ruin your day. Head outdoors in a pair of waterproof GORE-TEX shoes knowing that whatever type of weather you run into, your feet will stay dry. From specialised shoes for specific sports such as football and running to hiking shoes to casual shoes for everyday wear, you're guaranteed to find a pair of waterproof shoes that fits the activity as well as your style. With our weather-resistant shoes, you get a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX membrane that seals out wet weather while also allowing your feet to breathe as you go.

Keeping your feet dry and comfortable is about more than just slapping a waterproof membrane on a shoe's upper. adidas shoes with GORE-TEX in the sockliner provide 3D protection and ensure the shoes are both waterproof and breathable. Many of our GORE-TEX shoes are also equipped with Continental™ Rubber or Traxion outsoles for extra grip on wet surfaces. The best part is, thanks to our versatile collection, adidas weather-resistant sneakers are as perfect in the great outdoors as they are around town. Classic adidas Originals shoes with GORE-TEX give you all that waterproof protection — and all that iconic style — on the way to the club, work or coffee shop. While wet weather is a part of life, wet feet don't have to be. Shop adidas and get GORE-TEX shoes for dry comfort on every adventure.

GORE-TEX Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

GORE-TEX shoes offer exceptional water resistance, but they're not technically 100% waterproof in all situations. For example, under extreme pressure or prolonged submersion, water molecules can force their way through the GORE-TEX membrane, leading to some wetness. Also, it's possible for water to seep through poorly sealed seams or gaps in a shoe's construction.
GORE-TEX shoes are like tiny fortresses for your feet. They have very small pores that block water from coming in, while letting sweat escape. The breathable membrane lets your feet vent, avoiding sweaty horrors. The shoes also handle wear and tear well. With proper care, they'll keep your feet happy in most wet-weather adventures.
GORE-TEX has been used in clothing and footwear for decades without widespread reports of negative health effects. Some people worry about chemicals used in the manufacturing process, specifically perfluorochemicals (PFCs). However, finished GORE-TEX products contain very low levels of PFCs and pose minimal risk. Gore Fabrics is currently working toward eliminating PFCs from the manufacturing process. adidas uses GORE-TEX in some products for its effectiveness — it helps shield you from rain, snow and wind while still being breathable to prevent overheating and a clammy feeling.