Kids' socks


Kids' socks

What pushes you on? Sporty design, relaxed retro vibes, and a large selection of authentic outfits for kids form your inspiration for a casual, relaxed street style. Kids and youth know their own minds and develop their personal style. With adidas, they fulfill their unique potential from the outset. Details count when it comes to total success. adidas socks takes you up a level. Socks for kids from adidas support you in all your undertakings.

Made for creators – adidas kids' socks

We support creativity and sportsmanship. Together, kids can break the rules and then redefine them, only to then question them again.

The next generation of 'sneakerheads' is already on the starting line. All those who want to discover something new every day need to feel comfortable while doing so. This is where our collections for kids are just the thing! White, black, gray, and many other colors are available colors for our socks.

Socks for kids from adidas are your new support – especially if you are willing to surpass your goals from day to day.