Kids’ shoe size guide

Kids’ feet can grow up to three times a year. Stay ahead. Learn step-by-step how to measure, plus tips on checking their fit.

Find their adidas size

Standing at a wall, measure feet heel to longest toe. Record the measurement. Match foot length to the size chart on each product page to find their adidas size.


Place their foot on the adiFIT insole. Passes the range? Buy one size bigger. Doesn’t meet the range? Buy one size smaller. Sits in the range? Perfect fit. Up to US 3.

Climate regulation

OrthoLite® sockliner offers temperature control essential for healthy feet.

Forefoot flex

Growing feet need freedom to move. Soft soles allow flexibility & protection.

Precise arch support

Helps pick up important sensory data and strengthen growing muscles.

Low heel lift

A gentle lift minimises flat feet for a stable, supported posture.