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Bucket hats for men

Bucket hats for men have been in fashion since the 1960s. It is also known by several other names such as an Irish country hat and a fisherman's hat act. Although the trend has not been on the rise in recent years, that’s set to change. Bucket hats for men are still appreciated and are gradually re-gaining their popularity. The material, designs and colour of bucket hats for men makes men's bucket hats stand out among others. A bucket hat could be made of denim, cotton or another thick material. Unique designs like convertible bucket hats accentuate every mood one might get in a sunny and humid day. The adidas logo is a distinguishing design element on these adidas bucket hats and the embroidered Trefoil trademark is a sign of true quality.

How to wear the bucket hats for men

Choosing a men's bucket hat will add a touch of quirky glamour that suits your personal style. The way men's bucket hats are worn shows style and the emotional state of mind. For instance, a bucket hat tilted away from the centre either to the left or right creates a smooth going look on the wearer. A simple pair of jeans and t-shirts complete perfectly the casual look of the men's bucket hat. To match the outfit with unique footwear, either sneakers or trainers, would be at the top of the list. Don't forget the colour combination techniques to either have a colourful outing or a laid back relaxation mode.

DIY Designs

Customisation is all the rage right now. Don’t fade in to the crowd, get in on the trend. Grab some fabric glue and make your bucket hat unique to you by adding some cool patches. Collect enamel pins? Then show them off. Turn up the brim and pin them in place to really make your mark. Personalizing your men's bucket hat sets you apart from the crowd.