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Swimming clothes for men

Swimwear has evolved a lot over the years, designed to withhold the tests that come with constant exposure to water as well as the wide range of body movements performed by swimmers of all levels. With this selection of men’s swimming clothes from adidas, you can be sure that you’re getting swimwear that is at the forefront of the latest innovations, offering high-performance apparel that will let you perform at your best in the pool while looking great doing so. With a huge variety of styles available, it’s time to update your swimming gear.

Take your swim to the next level

You don’t have to be a competitive swimmer to benefit from the same technology used by the world’s best athletes; even recreational swimmers will see the difference when using adidas swimming clothes for men and the technological innovations that they feature. That includes lightweight materials that are quick-drying and fitted with chlorine resistance as well as smaller details including mesh briefs, side pockets and drawstring waists for getting that perfect fit. Add iconic adidas style on top of this, and you’ve got men’s swimming clothes that are leagues ahead of the rest.

The short story

You might not be surprised to see that the majority of adidas swimming clothes for men are swim shorts, however, this current selection offers an incredible range of items to let each individual swimmer find the pair that is perfect for them. Many swimmers will go for the classic swimming trunks, offering ultimate freedom of movement, while others will prefer the coverage of swim jammers, offering support over the whole thigh that can help prevent muscle fatigue. For a more laid-back style, board shorts are perfect and always look at home by the beach. With adidas, you can find your perfect pair of swim shorts.