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Men's Yoga Gear


Our men's yoga collection is designed to give you the best support while allowing you to move freely and without distractions. Smart cuts and soft fabrics stretch with your body to bring out the yogi in you.


Whether you're starting your yoga practice or are looking for ways to add a challenge, the new adidas yoga collection was made so you can practice yoga. Ground yourself in your yoga practice through ease of movement. Make space for yoga and connect to the elements. Are you looking for a yoga collection made in part with recycled materials? Conscious choices and comfort go together in this adidas yoga collection, offering yoga outfits that meet all your needs. When you dress for your yoga practice, do so consciously.


Strike a pose, hold it and find your center in adidas men’s yoga gear. The best thing you can say about your yoga wear is that it’s so comfy you don’t even notice it. Lightweight, breathable tops keep you flowing from pose to pose, while formfitting tights offer a bit of support for perfect men's yoga outfits. When you break a sweat, AEROREADY fabrics absorb moisture so you stay focused on your next move. Shop adidas online for men’s yoga wear that can take you through each and every position from novice to master. Beyond the workout, make sure to clean your mat to get the best use out of it, for the longest time. Just like you wash your adidas workout clothes, it's important to wash your mat after each use to keep it clean and crush your practice, every time.