Image featuring the Nemeziz boots and male player.


Get the new Nemeziz.

Nemeziz 19



Disrupt the game and leave the opposing side in your wake as you unlock your agility in adidas Nemeziz soccer shoes. Designed to support you through fast transitions, quick movements, and daring ball play — the Nemeziz range brings the finest mobility and radical play options to the greatest game on the planet.

Pick Your Nemeziz Collection Combo

With men’s, women’s and children’s Nemeziz soccer shoes and cleats on offer in striking colors and bold designs, finding your soccer style is simple. A complete range of full and half sizes ensures you get a solid fit that increases your agility and speed. In addition to classic firm ground soccer cleats, the Nemeziz range includes indoor, and turf shoes to help you unlock your peak performance on any surface.

Be the Nemeziz

Be your opponents’ nemesis. Take risks and play your own game with Nemeziz soccer shoe technology designed to up your unique play style.

- Unlock complete agility as you weave through the defense with 360° agility bandages offering enhanced mobility for radical play.

- Experience quick flex and responsive movement as you exploit gaps with Torsionframe outsole technology.

- Weave through the defense with agility weave forefoot designs.

- Stay in control with textile uppers for direct ball touch and long-term durability.

When you want to make strides, burst through the defense and throw your opponents off their game, Nemeziz soccer shoes are your ideal partner. Boost your performance and power through with pinpoint precision and the finest agility soccer shoes in the world.