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adidas NMD

Meet the adidas NMD, a shoe with retro style plus futuristic sensibility. Explore different colors, styles and takes on this beloved lifestyle sneaker.

adidas NMD Shoes

A modern classic sneaker, the adidas NMD shot out of the blocks when it was launched at a glitzy event in New York City on December 9, 2015. Now referred to as the NMD_R1, that original shoe led the way with its energy-returning adidas Boost midsole and supportive adidas PRIMEKNIT upper. Its design inspiration — especially its sleek silhouette and moulded EVA midsole plugs — came courtesy of a bunch of '80s-era running shoes, including the Micropacer, Rising Star and Boston Super. Created to be a lifestyle sneaker, its name was shorthand for "nomad," and its mission? Urban exploration.

The NMD_R1 is still a popular shoe today, but the adidas NMD family has grown over the years. The original shoe's successor, the NMD_S1 provided a more futuristic take on that initial design with a textile upper and more subtle, angular midsole plugs. Further follow-ups including the NMD_G1 and NMD_V3, meanwhile, added yet more upgrades and aesthetic tweaks, including more-breathable uppers with supportive overlays. Then there's the NMD_W1, an exclusive women's design with rounded plugs and a selection of bold upper designs. So that's the journey so far. If you want to become part of it, shop our range of adidas NMD sneakers today and get exploring.

adidas NMD Frequently Asked Questions

No, NMD shoes don't have the specialised features required for the demands of running. They do offer comfort and style plus energy-returning adidas Boost cushioning. Wear NMD sneakers for everyday activities and social events. For serious running, look for shoes specifically engineered for the activity, such as the adidas Ultraboost or adizero series.
adidas NMD sneakers are ideal for casual wear and everyday activities. With their comfortable cushioning and stylish design, they're perfect for walking to the office, running errands or hanging out with friends. Their lightweight construction also makes them great for travel and urban exploration. While not designed for performance sports, NMDs offer enough comfort and support for light activities. Overall, they're favoured for their versatility, combining comfort and style.
The "NMD" in adidas NMD is a short way of saying "Nomad." The adidas NMD is a line of lifestyle sneakers known for their modern design, comfort and versatility. The name reflects the idea of travelling and exploring, capturing the shoe's appeal for urban nomads who are always on the move.