Orange · Tanks & Sleeveless


Orange tops to suit your style

When you step onto the court, your mind should be on the game. Your body should be ready to move the way you need it to, exactly when you need it to. Your concentration should be sharp and focused, unburdened by distraction. At adidas, we understand that’s only possible when your clothes fit right. When you’re not constantly shifting to adjust a strap or pull down a hem. We want you to be able to give your very best – which is why we’re giving you ours. Find the clothing that’s right for you among our collection of stylish orange tops, carefully selected to optimise performance.

Choosing the right support

UV protection. Great ventilation. Full visibility. Easy to wash. These are all important criteria we take into account when designing our orange tops, so you can make the best informed decision for your workout. Want to add a bit of zest to your look? Find the perfect classic sleeveless running singlet in our men’s collection. In the women’s range, go for an orange top with built-in cups that offer added support to help you feel comfortable and balanced all the way, or keep cool with a sweat-wicking piece that looks and feels good.

A staple for your wardrobe

Whatever your fitness level, your workout is your chance to shine. Take your pick from our collection of trendy orange tops and hit the tennis court in style. Get noticed on your next lap around the track. Draw everyone’s attention when you cross that finish line. Add a dash of brightness to those yoga pants. There are no limits to the ways in which you can combine your new orange top with other essentials from your wardrobe, making it the perfect addition to your fitness gear. Simply pull it on and you’re ready to go!