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adidas Originals Bucket Hats


Always keep a cool head in Originals bucket hats

These Originals bucket hats are simple, sturdy and stylish. We offer a range of styles, with the modern-cut version made from an all-cotton twill material in the hallmark adidas black and white designs; it has a loose fit for casualwear purposes. For something more vintage looking, we have our old-school design with a rounder crown and smoother contours. This retro look gives just as much protection from the sun's rays. This model is also made from pure cotton twill. We also offer models made from synthetic materials; they combine polyester with elastane and give you a slight stretchy feel to gently keep itself in place on your head. You can step out with confidence in these functional and fun bucket hats, with full trust in their protective capabilities.

adidas Originals bucket hats can take the heat wherever you go

Our Originals bucket hats are among the most popular modern choices of hats to shade yourself from the sun. You can go running in them, hit the trail on a day hike or watch some live cricket or other summer sports – they're the perfect companion for any outdoor activity, whether you're participating or just watching. They also make for very trendy casualwear, especially if brands mean a lot to you. Wearing the famous adidas Trefoil logo always brings a feeling of satisfaction. Our reversible models give you twice the bang for your buck in the fashion stakes, and you can make good use of the little differences between our other designs. Some have slightly wider brims that will give you wider protection from the sun, while others are a bit more compact. Some have a looser fit, while others fit securely on your head, giving you the confidence to slip one of them on when you're heading out for some vigorous exercise.