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adidas Originals Tank Tops


Originals sleeveless tank tops combining style with comfort

Everyday apparel just got more comfortable and fun thanks to this adidas range of Originals sleeveless tank tops. Not only will your arms feel more free to move in all directions resulting in more efficient movements, your outfit will also be more stylish with this collection that includes colours ranging from the simple to the funky with fun designs. These classic favourites are available in a selection of cuts that include regular fitting tops and athletic styles, while women can also choose to go for a more feminine crop top style.

Guaranteed comfort with sleeveless Originals tank tops

Optimal comfort comes through good design and the use of the best technologies in training outfits, and these Originals sleeveless tank tops are no exception. One of the most important characteristics is the use of sweat-wicking fabric that can absorb the moisture off your body to keep you dry throughout the day, while styles that have mesh panels included give superior ventilation so you can feel extra fresh all the way through. And for a wide range of unrestricted movements, the use of stretchy textile ensures your tank top can adapt to all your moves.

The perfect tank top is waiting for you

With so many options available to choose from, you will no doubt find the tank top that matches your taste and style. Look at the various details and think of how they might add value to your training, such as wider armholes which ensure a superior range of arm movements or an Originals racer back style which keeps your shoulders free and unrestricted. And if you want additional coverage, find a style that is longer at the back so you can have added confidence when moving around.