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Pink sports bras

You might not expect quite the range of pink sports bras that you'll find in the adidas range. From halter bra styles to padded sports bras and sports-specific bras, we offer the support and comfort you need, even when you're at your most active. And you don't have to sacrifice sporting functionality for style, either. Even though no one might see them when you're out training or competing, knowing you're wearing something as good underneath as on the outside gives you a little extra boost of confidence and satisfaction. After all, that's what it's really about at the end of a day of physical exertion.

Comfort and support in a basic training and exercise bra

To start with, our basic training pink sports bras are made with our compression lightly padded sports bra that offers a balanced compromise between support and comfort. It efficiently handles both moisture and heat and features a solid front with a mesh back to aid the circulation of air when you're exercising. It can be worn as outerwear as well, and contains 100% recycled polyester that contains UV protection. Our kinetic wrap construction ensures that you get the support necessary for a dynamic range of movements that you can actually feel working – while never feeling in any way restricted.

A sports bra for your chosen activity

Our adidas range of sport-specific pink sports bras includes under- and outerwear for a wide range of activities. Women's field hockey players can have their own, with smooth padding and comfortable moulding for added protection. Our strongest bras, these are versatile enough to be used for any sport where there might be a bit of ball contact. Our halter bras, which are great for cyclists, have high compression and purpose-designed sweat-wicking capabilities. The light support pink sports bra is for yoga and other gentler activities, featuring a scoop neck and a racer back, with a very smooth feel.