Plus Size · Shorts


Plus size shorts helping you enjoy the warmer weather

Whether you are going to give it your all during your workout routine or go about your everyday life on a warm summer day, adidas has the plus size shorts you need to be at the top of your game, feel comfortable and at look great the same time – be it competing or simply enjoying your an active lifestyle. We offer plus size sports shorts in a variety of styles and materials designed to make your fitness practice better whilst offering great support and comfort through it all. 

Plus size shorts: where performance and comfort unite

We have worked together with experts to construct a range of premium plus size shorts that will provide you with top-quality materials and a comfortable fit. Be it a snug fit with side slits or high-rise tights with a slimmer fit very close to your skin, you'll be able to stand out at every level of your desired activity. Athletic plus size shorts by adidas are made with different fabric options created to keep you covered whatever the occasion and to complement your outfit for your training session of choice. Made with materials such as recycled polyester and cotton, our plus size workout shorts and tights are crafted to give you stability and ease of movement whilst keeping moisture out of the way. Additional features of our different models, such as a drawcord elastic waist and side pockets, are also there to give you extra options and to make your choice easier. 

Versatility and fit at the core 

At adidas, we understand that fit, functionality and fabrics should work together when it comes to aiding athletic performance, but we also think that feeling good about the way your outfit looks is important. That is why we've created plus size workout shorts that are meant to enhance your overall appearance and work in perfect harmony with your other sports garments, whilst providing you with a great, snug fit. Sweat-wicking properties will ensure that you feel great while working hard at your exercise session, and the correct plus size fit adapted to your body will help you look great while doing so.