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"Golf is a sport where there are always so many things up against you. It’s not always fair and you aren’t always happy with the way things happen. Like life, you learn to deal with those challenges and overcome them."


Has this time changed your perspective at all about the sport?

In life, you take what you have for granted. For me, golf was one of those things. Growing up, playing golf was second nature to me. Having this time to self-reflect, I’m grateful for all that the sport has taught me.

Why is golf such a special sport?

Golf teaches you lessons about life. Beyond simply hitting the ball, it taught me the importance about being respectful and honest. I learned how important it is to just be a good person. It’s a sport about integrity.

What are you looking forward to most about returning to golf?

I love to compete and I hate to lose. That’s what drives me every day. Golf is about playing for the moment. You play all day to have one chance at an important putt or shot late in the round that will mean something.

What does “ready for sport” mean to you?

“Ready” means you’re always preparing to be the best athlete you can be so that you’re ready to compete at the highest level. It’s easy to get tired or give up with the process. You must work hard and be disciplined.