Red · Trackpants


Classy red tracksuit bottoms all the way

Tracksuit bottoms are favoured by men and women across the world to work out in, go jogging, skiing, and so on. At adidas we offer top-quality red tracksuit bottoms that are designed to offer you maximum comfort without restricting your movement. You will be able to play at your optimal best as you try to beat your opponent in a friendly game or a competitive match. Some of the tights come with gathered cuffs that bestow a retro look on the tracksuit bottoms. The drawcord along with the elastic waist will ensure that the tracksuit bottom stays in place.

Advantages of choosing a tracksuit bottom

The red tracksuit bottoms from adidas are made from nylon plain weave. This allows free passage of air without allowing sweat to cling on. The sweat flicking nature of the garment is very useful when you are being put through your paces in a rigorous workout routine. The hidden-zip pockets can be quite useful in keeping your wallet, car keys, and so on safe and sound. No more worrying about misplacing your wallet when you are enjoying a friendly game of basketball.

Different cut tracksuit bottoms

Straight cut tracksuit bottoms are trending a lot these days. They are extremely comfortable to move in and do not hinder your movement while you try to beat your opponent on the court. You can also choose to wear red tracksuit bottoms from adidas that come in a tapered fit. They are usually made from sporty, polyester fabric that is smooth both inside and outside and just slightly stretchy. They are made from recycled polyester in an attempt to reduce emissions and save resources. You can wash your red tracksuit bottoms from adidas in a regular cold cycle in the washing machine; they are easy to maintain and will last several years if you are careful.