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Built from world-class athlete data for one precisely tuned stride. Get adidas 4D running shoes with data-driven cushioning designed for innovative athletes.

adidas 4D Running Shoes

Transform energy into motion with adidas 4D running shoes. It's time to step up to the latest in innovation from adidas with our 3D-printed midsoles that push the boundaries of possibility. Designed to reduce braking forces through superior compression and impact absorption, our 4D running sneakers convert the energy of every step you take into forward propulsion. This creates a smooth ride you can feel on every run and reduces heavy steps on hard surfaces, stopping you from feeling like you're plodding along the tarmac. This means they're great for jogs and runs, as well as for your daily tasks. They're practical and will keep you comfortable on the move.

Our 4D running sneakers are paired with lightweight, breathable upper constructions that result in running sneakers that are comfy and practical. Look for adidas PRIMEKNIT if you want an upper that hugs your foot and creates support with increased movement and flexibility. The rubber outsole of our 4D running footwear is created in harmony with the 4D midsole to create superior traction on all surfaces. Find a design and color to match your style and preference. Lace up in adidas 4D running shoes to experience innovation like never before and smoothness you can feel with every step.