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Wide Running Shoes

Get room to run with adidas wide running shoes. For individuals with wider feet, these shoes give you more space to stride freely without sacrificing style.

adidas Wide Running Shoes

Lace up a pair of adidas wide running shoes and feel the freedom of the open road. For runners who need extra room in the toe box and midfoot, adidas offers a range of shoes built to accommodate wider feet. From the responsive cushioning of adidas Bounce to the energy return of adidas Boost, adidas has innovative technologies to suit runners of all abilities. Neutral runners will appreciate the flexibility and natural feel of some styles, while stability runners can also find the support they need.

With options for road running, trail running and everything in between, our wide running sneakers provide premium performance and comfort for athletes with wider feet. The unparalleled combination of technologies and styles to choose from means you'll find the perfect pair for your needs. Our wide jogging shoes are designed for comfort over the long haul, so whether you're gearing up for a marathon or just trying to add some extra activity to your day, we have you covered. Swing by today to find a pair of wide training shoes that suits your feet and your workout. At adidas, we believe that running is for everyone. Choose from our wide selection of wide running shoes from adidas.

Wide Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

A good running shoe should feel snug overall, but not constricting. There should be about a finger's width of wiggle room in the toe box for toe movement and foot swelling during runs. If you need wide running shoes, look for "Wide" in the shoe's name. Options from adidas include the Duramo SL and Runfalcon in wide widths.
Not for everyone, but maybe for you! If your feet are visibly wider than average or you always need wide sizes in other shoes, opt for wide running shoes as well. Focus on finding a running shoe that feels comfortable and supportive, with enough space for your toes to move freely without feeling cramped. If you experience discomfort in regular-width shoes, then opting for wide running shoes is the better choice for enhanced comfort, injury prevention and overall running performance.
While a roomy toe box is important for comfort and preventing blisters, having too much space in your shoes has downsides. For example, a loose fit in wide toe box running shoes can make it harder to feel connected to the ground, which might affect your stability and responsiveness during runs. If there's too much space in the heel, your foot might lift up slightly with each stride. This can cause blisters and irritation. There should be some wiggle room in the toe box — but the shoe shouldn't feel sloppy or loose overall.