What should I do if my voucher code isn’t working?

Last updated: 08/06/2018
Sometimes when you try to use a voucher code you can get a message saying it’s either expired or not recognized. If it’s expired, you won’t be able to use it any more. If it’s not recognized, you can follow these steps to get to the bottom of the problem.

First you need to make sure you are using the voucher correctly. Read the terms and conditions which can be found at the bottom of the email. Also make sure the voucher applies to all the items in your bag – not all items are eligible for promo codes. Another potential issue is the voucher might be a retail voucher – these can’t be used at online shops.
If none of these issues apply, make sure you’ve entered the voucher code exactly as it appears. It’s easy to make mistakes if you enter the code manually. Some common mistakes are:
  • Check spacing, character errors and/or spelling mistakes. 
  • The voucher code field is case-sensitive. Check that ‘Caps Lock’ button is not on and use upper case where necessary.
  • Check you’re not mixing up the numbers 0/1 and the letters O/I.
If you are sure your voucher is valid for your order but it still doesn’t work, please contact us.

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