White Knee-Length Socks


White knee high socks

Flash some old-school style with a pair of these eye-catching socks. Whether it’s on the football pitch or the running track, they will boost your athletic style and deliver long-lasting comfort. Taking inspiration from adidas’ historic association with sport, white knee high socks prioritise comfort through every step so that you can focus on performing at your peak. Recognisable design features such as the iconic 3-Stripes pattern and Badge of Sport make these socks stand out. Some styles are even available with the crests of a range of high-profile football clubs. Lift your game to the next level and get kitted out with a new pair of white knee high socks.

Feel the difference underfoot

Tailored for sporting pursuits, adidas white knee high socks have functional elements like breathable mesh to ensure you stay light on your feet. Consistent ventilation is delivered meaning you’ll feel fresh even as you start to sweat. Strategically placed cushioning provides support where you need it most, making landings as soft as possible. With specifically designed left and right items, white knee high socks maximise performance until the final whistle. Structured arch textures maintain a strong grip with the surface of your shoes below, letting you push off with newfound support.

Rise above with white knee high socks

Models are made with soft, blister-preventing materials like nylon and polyester. The stretchy fabrics tightly wrap around the shape of your feet to deliver a snug fit. Compression around the ankles allows a secure feel inside your shoes, with minimal rubbing and loose material. Whether for personal style reasons or the intention to stay warm, white knee high socks put you in control. Ribbed cuffs keep the socks in place right where you want them, and shin guards seamlessly slide inside. There are also specialised models suited to outdoor adventure with moisture-absorbing designs.