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Men’s white belts made to impress

Most of the times belts are ignored and neglected. Their use is to hold the pants where they need to be and remain silent under the shirt. The adidas men’s white belts want nothing to do with this classification of belts. This is a belt that was made to be its own unique accessory, a clothing item that will not only serve its traditional capacity but will also add to your look. Light, expandable and stretchy, with a braided stretch strap and a debossed adidas Badge of Sport on the tip, it affords you the luxury to use as you please. It is an amazing finisher to any look that needs a final touch.

Fasten your seat belt because our men’s white belts are not messing around

Don’t feel bad for forgetting to put on a belt. It’s not your fault. It’s the belt’s fault. Belts are rarely memorable or special enough to make a mark, to become an indispensable part of your outfit. This is exactly why we made the adidas men’s white belts. We wanted to create a belt that would become an essential part of your dressing routine. The same way you can’t leave the house without a pair of pants, you won’t be able to leave without your men’s white belt. Easy to slip on, even easier to fasten and beautiful to look at, this is a quintessential piece of male tailoring.

Wear it once and trousers will be asking for it

The truth about belts is that they’re hard to get right. Once you get the right one, you tend to hold on to it for a long time. The adidas men’s white belts perfectly fit that description. They are the kind of belts you’ll rely on and look to every time you put on a pair of trousers. They are the kind of belts that make you wonder how on earth you ever pulled your pants on belt-less and left the house. Wear the belt every single day with any kind of trousers as the material and look lets you play around with different fabrics, lengths and fit.