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White · Shoulder Bags

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White shoulder bags

Feel the convenience of grabbing your valuables quickly and being on the go with one of these shoulder bags. The clean white designs are perfectly suited to social settings and are sure to catch the eye of people around you. Despite being small in size the bags can fit all your essential items, meaning you can leave the house with peace of mind. Models are decorated with recognisable adidas prints such as the Trefoil logo which gives them a streetwear edge. Versatile and trendy, white shoulder bags are a great accessory for spicing up your outfits.

adidas built them to last

Durable and sturdy, adidas white shoulder bags are a product you can depend on. They are constructed with high-strength materials such as 200D polyester to withstand pulling from different directions. The result is a functional bag that is resistant to tears. Your valuables will be safe inside as the strong thread won’t budge even when filled to the brim. adidas concentrates efforts to use recycled sources of polyester to reduce the resources required for production. Find your next white shoulder bag and do what’s right for the environment.

Embrace customisation with white shoulder bags

Featuring connector loops on either side and a detachable strap, the bags can be transformed into easy-carry clutches in seconds. The adjustable shoulder strap lets you dictate the length so it sits right where you want it to. Simply tighten the fasten to raise it higher under your armpit or loosen it for a casual look. White shoulder bags have front and main zip compartments that allow you to keep items separated, slotting smaller things like keys in the front and bigger items in the top. Fantastic for festivals and social gatherings, you’ll fall in love with having everything you need handy. Sleek and practical, white shoulder bags will become your go-to when you don’t know what to bring.