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Winter · Jackets

Frostguard Full-Zip Jacket
Frostguard Full-Zip Vest
Frostguard Full-Zip Padded Vest
Short Synthetic Down Puffer Jacket
Itavic 3-Stripes Midweight Hooded Jacket
Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Parley Padded Jacket
adidas Adventure Reversible Puffer Jacket
Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Parley Padded Jacket
Essentials Insulated Vest
Frostguard Full-Zip Jacket
Frostguard Jacket
Padded Stand-Up Collar Puffy Jacket
Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Parley Padded Jacket
COLD.RDY Down Vest

Warm and fashionable winter jackets for all the family

For trendy winter jackets that will set you apart from the crowd in taste and style, or to keep your whole family warm and comfortable outdoors in winter, look no further than adidas. Every item in this collection is made from high-quality materials and packed full of the latest technology. adidas are constantly improving the fabrics and features that we offer. Our winter jackets feature materials that are cleverly designed to wrap themselves to your body to give flexible support in specific body areas, or tailored to meet the particular demands of specific sports. Our UV-resistant outerwear will also give you the peace of mind that your kids are well protected against the sun when it's at its brightest and reflecting off the winter snow.

Purpose-designed jackets for all your winter outdoor activities

Winter jackets are not just essential items when the temperature drops outside, they're also the epitome of modern style. Suitable for men, women, boys and girls, every adidas winter jacket has been created with comfort and protection in mind. No details have been spared when it comes to practical design features such as sealed seams, elasticated cuffs and mesh or fleece linings. We use recycled materials as much as possible too, and recycled polyester has been woven into purpose-built materials throughout this jacket collection to create warm padded compartments. For all-round winter insulation and defence against the worst of the elements, get yourself a fully padded down adidas winter jacket.

Versatile jackets for the sports field or the sidelines

Whether you're jogging, training or going to the gym, our versatile hooded fleece track jackets will happily take on whatever role you ask of them. These designs have a slimmer, sportier fit. And with extra support for active women who want maximum coverage when at maximum stretch, they're perfect for yoga as well. An elastane fleece gives these jackets a stretchy feel, with a slightly compressive fit that's just enough to let you feel supported when you're exerting yourself, without ever feeling too tight. And for the ultimate adidas winter jacket, choose our long synthetic down jackets that provide three-quarter body insulation.