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Ladies golf trousers

Stay on top of your game with these ladies golf trousers, which are built to give you maximum control over every movement you make. When it comes to the adidas collection of womens golf pants, variety is the key. Whether your preference is for full-length trousers or cropped pants, whether you love a classic look or want more colours in your life, you’re guaranteed to find a pair that suits your style. Various styles of fit are also available, with a regular fit offering ladies golf pants that are just the right amount of loose for comfortable movements, a slim fit that runs close to the body and gives you a modern look, or an athletic fit that offers the best of both worlds, starting as a regular fit at the waist and slimming down as it gets to the ankle.

The right kind of fabric

Ladies golf trousers built with the right kind of fabric make all the difference to your performance. Lightweight pants might use fabric such as Climalite, which not only offers breathability, but also helps keep you fresh by driving heat away from your body. In some cases, fabric with a four-way stretch might be used to enable the golf trousers to adapt to your shape and movements, while padding might be added in the front thigh area for extra warmth during the cooler months.

Pockets, pockets, pockets

When out on the golf course, you want to be able to carry a few essentials with you – and maybe some golf accessories. Ladies golf trousers come with a lot of pockets, all strategically placed, with both slip-in pockets for ease of reach and zip closures available for extra security. Front pockets are perfect for storing your golf gloves or a tee, zip pockets are great to keep a few valuable essentials such as a wallet or a phone, while pockets located at hip level are perfect for keeping an extra ball with you.