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Always be ready with women's Originals track tops

Trying to keep those muscles warm before a race can be tricky. Women's Originals track tops from adidas help you do that in style. The period when you're hanging around before the event but after you've warmed up can be a crucial time. If your muscles get cold again, it's back to square one. Originals track tops for women have been designed using materials that employ the latest sportswear technologies to keep that much-needed warmth in your muscles for as long as possible. After the race, slipping back into your adidas originals track top slows the sudden cool-down that can lead to injuries. From zip-up tops and pullovers to fully breathable mesh, Originals track tops are designed to give you exactly what you want.

Not just good on the track

Women's Originals track tops are not just great sportswear, they are also fashionable everyday clothing. Bold colours with forthright designs share the range with more classic looks. Feel the history of the brand with a retro design, or stamp your personality on any occasion with bright, fun and bubbly patterns. As you would expect from adidas, the Originals track tops are tailored to exacting standards. Finely detailed stitching and quality fabrics make adidas track tops durable and comfortable. They are made for continuous wear at the gym, on the track or even at the juice bar. The designers are always looking for unique and fun ways to incorporate the Trefoil and 3-Stripes decals. These designs are so iconic, they have been the choice for musicians, street artists, dancers and sports personalities for decades. Looking and feeling good is all part of the package.

Show the world

When you zip up your adidas women's Originals track top, you are putting on history. Some of the most memorable, iconic, and incredible sporting moments have had the 3-Stripes or Trefoil there helping to make it happen. As an item of sportswear, adidas Originals track tops for women are designed to help you achieve your best. As a fashion statement, they are bold and without compromise. Tell it like it is, you are a force to be reckoned with.