Why is my voucher not applying to my order?

Last updated: 10/02/2020

There are several reasons why your code may not be applying to your order, check out the chart below for common issues and their solutions:

Error Solution
Coupon can currently not be added to your cart
    The items in Your Bag are excluded from all promotions and coupons. If an item is excluded it will be marked as such on the product’s page.
    The items in Your Bag are sale items and the code you are using is applicable to regular price items only.
Coupon code is unknown
    The code is expired. Most codes expire at the end of the calendar year (December 31st) unless otherwise noted.
    The code is not intended for use on adidas.ca and is only valid on another site.
    There was a spelling or spacing error when entering the code. Codes are case-sensitive, and dashes are important. Whenever possible, we recommend copying and pasting directly into the Promo Code box.
Coupon code already redeemed
    The coupon code has already been used. Please check your records to be sure you have not previously redeemed the code by accident. If you are sure you have not already used the code, and this is a mistake, please contact us.

Please note that coupon codes cannot be stacked, and some discount codes are applicable only to regular price items. Codes such as the SPP (Student Purchase Program) can be applied to both regular and sale items but with different discount amounts.

Call or chat with us if you still require assistance.

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