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adidas Stan Smith

A canvas for world famous designers, adidas Stan Smith shoes are constantly being reimagined, then rediscovered by new generations of fans. Join them.
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adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Our Stan Smith shoes have changed little in appearance since their forerunners were first pulled on by their Grand Slam-winning namesake in the '70s. As crisp and classic as a freshly mown grass court, they combine a sleek profile, comfortable leather upper and an outsole that provides solid traction and rotation. Originally created to deliver a competitive edge on the tennis court, in the last 50 years they have evolved into something more. In the 21st Century, Stan Smiths are a true icon that you're just as likely to see striding up a catwalk as negotiating busy sidewalks.

So what does all that mean? It means that when you wear Stan Smith sneakers, you're free to follow your own path. You can honour tennis tradition by lacing up a pair of classic green-and-white sneakers before you stride onto the court, or you can head as far from drop-volleys and strawberries and cream as possible by selecting from a huge variety of alternative upper and midsole styles. Whatever pair you pick, though, you can be sure of one thing: you're getting a sneaker with the heart of a true champion. Browse our selection of adidas Stan Smith shoes above to find a true love match.

adidas Stan Smith Frequently Asked Questions

The standard width of adidas Stan Smith shoes may not be suitable for wide feet. The toe box can be narrow, which can cause discomfort for wider feet. However, the sneakers' leather upper can stretch and conform to your foot shape. And the laces allow for some adjustability in the fit.
Stan Smith shoes are perfect for the stage or the street, but they're not the ideal gym shoe. While comfy and stylish, their lack of arch support and traction makes them better for casual walks or everyday wear than for workouts. For gym activities, consider shoes designed for specific needs like running, lifting weights or high-impact training.
adidas Stan Smith shoes are like the chameleons of footwear: simple yet timeless, blending into any style from casual to dressy. Their tennis court legacy and celebrity endorsements solidified them as cultural icons, constantly reinvented through collaborations. The Stan Smith is a cultural statement that transcends trends. Read our blog for some ideas on how to wear your Stans.