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Soccer Cleats & Shoes: adiClub Members Save 30% On Select Backpacks

From Copas to Preds, there's a reason adidas soccer shoes are a fixture of the pro game. Make every touch count with cleats designed to dominate on any surface. Shop select backpacks for less and get ready to go back to school in style. Sign up or log in to your adiClub account to get exclusive savings on the essentials you need for the first day back. Limited time offer, while supplies last through 07/19. Exclusions apply.
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adidas Soccer Shoes

Aspiring amateur or experienced pro, every player has a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses when they run onto the field. Whether you're a speedy winger, a sharpshooter or a wily playmaker, adidas soccer shoes are designed to complement your game. Streamlined X cleats reduce weight to a minimum to keep you at top speed, Predator shoes grip the ball to help you add precision to your strikes and classic Copa boots include supple leather uppers to provide a more traditional feel and whistle-to-whistle comfort. Then there are tried-and-trusted names like Mundial, Goletto and Samba that provide everything you need for a comfortable game day experience.

But it's not all about the uppers. Most of the soccer shoes mentioned above can be experienced on a range of surfaces. Grippy, non-marking indoor outsoles help you find space on futsal courts, lug rubber tooling digs into artificial turf surfaces, and a range of outdoor playing field options ensures you are able to perform at your best on every type of grass, from soft to firm and artificial. It doesn't matter what your game is or where you play it, you'll find the perfect soccer shoes for you in the range above — get shopping now!

Soccer Cleats & Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The answer depends on where you'll be playing. Studded soccer cleats are best for playing outside on grass fields. Look for soft ground (SG) cleats for wet or muddy fields, firm ground (FG) cleats for drier fields and multi-ground (MG) cleats for use on a variety of surfaces. Turf shoes are designed for artificial turf fields — they have short rubber studs that provide traction without damaging the turf. If you play on a court indoors, look for indoor soccer sneakers with flat rubber outsoles that provide good grip on flat surfaces.
It's technically possible to wear sneakers to play soccer, but it's not recommended for a few reasons. Sneakers don't have the same level of traction as soccer cleats. Soccer shoes are designed for the quick cuts, turns and stops that the game requires. Regular sneakers won't provide the same level of support and stability. They also aren't built to withstand the wear and tear of fast soccer. If you're just playing for fun with friends, soccer sneakers might be fine. Just be aware that you'll be at a disadvantage in terms of traction and performance.
Indoor soccer shoes have flat rubber outsoles designed for smooth indoor surfaces like wood or flat courts. Outside, on grass or turf, you might find yourself slipping and sliding more easily. Outdoor surfaces can also quickly wear down the soles of indoor soccer shoes. If you're just walking around or playing very casually on a smooth surface like pavement, indoor soccer shoes might be OK for short periods. But if you plan to play outdoors regularly, investing in a good pair of outdoor soccer cleats is the way to go for traction, durability and protection for your feet.