Walking shoes for women


Walking shoes for women

Everything you need you will find in the adidas shoe collection for women. Be it summer or winter, sport or casual, with women's shoes by adidas you are always one step ahead of the latest trend. You make the rules. Including which shoes you wear for work and on the weekend! Your shoes do a lot of work and are an opportunity to make a statement. The technologies and materials engineered by adidas are designed to support you. Shoes for women for walking impress with their quality.

Made for creators – adidas walking shoes for women

For everyone who wants to escape from the city on the weekend to look for adventures in the outdoors: shoes from adidas. Your equipment should be as light as possible if you are keen on challenging yourself in everything you undertake ever single day. This means you have the flexibility you require and maximum movement at just the right moment.

Our shoe collections include Asweego, Energyfalcon and Edge Lux. Be it adidas soccer cleats, adidas running shoes or stylish streetwear, thanks to high-quality materials and innovative features such as primeknit or mesh, you can always perform your best, regardless of your discipline. There are shoes in pink, green, black, and many other colors.

We support sportsmanship and creativity. Together, women can break and redefine the rules, only to then question them once more. If style and functionality are important to you, you have a large selection available to you in our range of women's outfits. Whether it's minimalistic athletic style or eye-catching updates to the authentic adidas design, the choice is yours. Whether it be for walking, biking, track and field, trail or hiking, don't let anyone stop you and just pursue your own path.

The future begins now. Grab a pair of our shoes for women for walking from adidas – and your moment has arrived.