Without a beautiful planet there is no beautiful game, for the places we play.
We’re transforming our business to help reduce our impact. And we’re on a mission to innovate further.
The planet is a playground. It’s where we connect, explore, and find ourselves. From the start we have always been there for the athletes. But today, climate change is changing the way we play. So we need to be there for the planet too. Yes, we know we are part of the problem. And that’s why we’re shifting our business to reduce the impact we make.
we need to be there for the planet
The fashion industry continues to be one of the largest CO2 emitters on the planet. So we’ve taken change into our own hands by rethinking the materials we use. At the same time we’re developing solutions to keep products in play for longer and collaborating with innovators in our industry who share the same ambition to support a circular system. All together we’re actively looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. And we’re giving you a platform to make an impact with Move For The Planet. We’re doing it for all the fields. The courts. The coasts. And backyards.
For more than a decade, we’ve been making our shots count. Since 2001 we’ve been publishing a yearly sustainability report, so you can keep track of our actions. And in 2019, we launched our first running shoe that can be made into something new. Since 2022 we’ve been continuing to strengthen our capabilities around tracking and communicating our product’s carbon footprint.
We believe through sport, we have the power to change lives. It’s our truth. Here are the highlights of the most recent steps on our journey.
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Since 2024, we've replaced virgin polyester with recycled polyester wherever possible.
Move For The Planet raised €1.5m to educate communities around the world on sustainability
Together with Allbirds we launched the lowest carbon emissions performance running shoe we had ever created: FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT
We launched FUTURECRAFT.LOOP, the first shoe that’s made entirely from one material, so it can be ground down and remade after use.
Our journey isn’t over. We’re still looking for new ways to be there for the places we play. Because we believe through sport, we have the power to change lives. After all, without a beautiful planet, there is no beautiful game.
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Change Materials
Reimaging the materials we use. And how we use them.
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Wear Longer
Find ways that extend the life of our products and materials. For as long as possible.
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Reduce Footprint
We are being transparent about how we're reducing our overall footprint.
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Move For The Planet
All it takes is one more move. Because, one more ride, serve, hill or corner kick can make an impact.
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