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Sports Balls

Sports balls from adidas are designed for durability so you get the most out of every session. Day in and day out, you can expect a star performance.

adidas Sports Balls

Whether your team takes you to the soccer pitch or the basketball court, you can count on adidas sports balls for their reliability and ease of use. Made with the highest-quality materials and construction, these athletic balls will be your go-to every time you suit up. adidas soccer balls, basketballs and American footballs come in various sizes and designs, so you can play with equipment tailored perfectly to your game.

Show where your loyalties lie with FIFA-approved soccer balls inspired by your favourite club. Hand-stitched for durability and made for speed, they'll ensure you're able to put them to work when you go for the goal. Choose the right size ball that works best for your game, from regulation size to mini soccer balls for easy storage when you're on the go. If shooting hoops is more your thing, don't let anything stand between you and the game-winning shot. Grab one of our adidas basketballs for reliable grip with every bounce as you dribble down the court and go for a three-pointer in a pick-up game. Be ready to get your game on any day of the week with adidas sports balls.