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Basketball Accessories

From fast breaks to jump shots, build your skills with basketball accessories from adidas. Find durable basketballs that let you hoop on hardwood or blacktop.

adidas Basketball Accessories

Bring your game to an entirely new level with basketball accessories from adidas that know the details matter most. From gruelling training sessions to the season's key games, you'll be well-equipped with must-haves that give you the confidence you need for the performance you know you're capable of. The latest technologies inform the design of these accessories for basketball, enhancing how you play your favourite game. Don't miss official game basketballs made from composite leather for a sure grip and designed with channels that let you get the right handhold on the ball from catch to the moment it leaves your fingers.

Stay hydrated throughout the game with BPA-free water bottles that are easy to grab and go, fitting perfectly in your bag as you're headed out the door. Need additional support for your feet as you jump, run and pivot? Cushioned socks deliver a soft spot for comfort every time you need it. Shield your eyes from the sun during games and practice outdoors with caps that vibe with sporty style while giving you the functionality you need. Shop the entire collection of basketball accessories at adidas today, and get ready to focus on the one thing that counts: your game.