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Women's Soccer Cleats And Shoes: adiClub Members Save 30% On Select Backpacks

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The beautiful game has no limits, and neither should your footwear. These women's soccer shoes have every surface and scenario covered, whether you're playing on full-size grass and artificial grass fields or in small-sided cage and indoor games. Whatever the name on the top, they all have outsoles specifically designed to keep you stable and playing at your best. Molded cleats offer the perfect platform on firm ground and artificial grass, longer screw-in cleats dig deep to keep you up and running on soft ground, lug rubber outsoles make short work of artificial turf, and grippy rubber clings to flat indoor surfaces for instant direction changes.

Turn them over, though, and you'll discover distinctive designs and features geared toward entirely different goals. If your on-pitch superpower is speed, you'll find the super-lightweight X boots to your liking. If you crave control, the iconic Predator franchise will help you take charge of games. If you want to work on your connection to the ball, the classy Copa should be your pick. Or if you're all about self-expression, you'll find a Gamemode that reflects your personality. However you play, check out this selection of women's soccer shoes and grab a pair that matches your game.


Play the field in cleats that support your footwork. For this natural surface, you'll want firm ground women's soccer cleats that ensure proper traction and stability. Find options like shoes with Boost technology that give you responsive cushioning and energy return. Whether you like a lace up boot or a sock-like seamless upper for enhanced ball contact, we have a full range of adidas women's soccer shoes to choose from to amp up your game.


These soccer cleats for women are designed specifically to grip to synthetic turf surfaces. With grippy, low-profile studs and a close-to ground feel, you'll feel more in touch with the field and the ball.


These women's soccer shoes might look more like their casual-wear cousins, but they are built for performance. With a flat rubber outsole, these are for playing indoor soccer or futsal in a gym. They are lightweight and flexible so you can be agile across the floor.


Are you always looking for a way to hone your skills? From a last-minute pick-up game to owning your athletic style, casual women's soccer shoes inspired by the game offer versatile comfort for everyday wear, whether you're watching the match or jumping into it.

Women's Soccer Cleats And Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Women's soccer cleats can differ from men's in several key ways. Women generally have narrower heels than men, so women's cleats have a narrower heel cup for a snugger fit and better stability. To accommodate the wider forefoot shape in many women's feet and prevent pinching, women's cleats often have a wider toe box. Women tend to plant their feet differently than men, so women's cleats often have shorter studs for better grip and reduced risk of injuries. And to prioritise agility and manoeuvrability, women's cleats are often made with lighter materials compared to their men's counterparts.
Women's soccer shoes should hug your foot snugly, like a comfortable sock, with just enough wiggle room for your toes. No heel slippage, a secure midfoot and toes that can move without feeling loose are key. Try on shoes with game socks, walk and jog to check comfort, and adjust for your playing style.
Women can and do wear cleats made for men. However, men's cleats often lack the narrower heel and wider toe box needed for a proper fit in women's feet. This can lead to discomfort, blisters and even injuries. Opting for women's soccer cleats designed for the specific biomechanics of the female foot provides better comfort, performance and safety on the pitch.