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Running Clothes

Clock your kilometres in running clothes from adidas. From race-ready singlets to everyday training tights, you'll find the gear you need for every run.
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adidas Running Clothes

Whether it's to keep you cool, keep you warm or keep you dry, your running clothes should work as hard as you do. Their job is to make sure you are comfortable and that you can maintain the pace. Our running apparel delivers on that promise. Sweatshirts with ribbed cuffs and hems help keep you toasty until you're warmed up. Hoods have drawcords so you can cinch them in close and focus on your breath. Running tights and leggings give you the compressive fit to rev up your energy and lend you support when you're out there on the trail on your own.

Running shorts have features like split hems and mesh inserts to promote freedom of movement and keep the air flowing mile after mile, run after run. Running pants have pockets for convenience, so you can store your keys and gels. Zips or elastic on the cuffs make it easy to pull them on and off over your shoes. Running shirts with adidas AEROREADY technology manage sweat so it doesn't interfere with your performance. Running gear with adidas RAIN.RDY uses advanced waterproofing technology to channel rain away from your body so you can keep going in wet conditions. Check out running clothes today at adidas online or in the store.

Running Clothes Frequently Asked Questions

Look for clothes made with lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester and nylon to keep you cool and dry when you run. Cotton isn't a good choice for running because it absorbs sweat and makes you feel heavy and clammy. Running apparel should fit snugly but not be too tight. Avoid clothes that are baggy or that chafe. In warm weather, you'll want to wear shorts or a skirt and a tank top or a short sleeved shirt. When it's cold out, add layers like a jacket or vest over a long-sleeved shirt and running tights or leggings.
You don't need a lot of fancy clothes to start running, but there are some general principles to follow. Breathable fabrics such as mesh allow air to circulate and help keep you from overheating. Moisture-wicking fabrics pull sweat away from your skin so you don't feel clammy. Avoid cotton, which can get weighed down by sweat. Tees, tank tops and shorts make great running attire for warm weather. When it's cold out, add layers that you can remove as you warm up. If you're shopping for a sports bra, look for bras made for high impact.
The best running outfit is whatever helps you feel comfortable and confident. Clothes that are more snug minimise fabric flapping against your skin, which can cause chafing, especially in areas like the inner thighs and armpits. For serious runners, tighter clothing can offer a slight aerodynamic advantage by reducing wind resistance. Compression tights are believed to improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. However, some runners simply find tight clothing uncomfortable, especially in hot weather. For those runners, loose clothes offer a more relaxed feel.