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Men's Golf Shoes: adiClub Members Save 30% On Select Backpacks

Elevate your game with men's golf shoes that offer the support and stability to play your best. Cleated or spikeless, we have shoes to match your style. Shop select backpacks for less and get ready to go back to school in style. Sign up or log in to your adiClub account to get exclusive savings on the essentials you need for the first day back. Limited time offer, while supplies last through 07/19. Exclusions apply.
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adidas Men's Golf Shoes

Step onto the first tee in men's golf shoes that fit your play style and complement your look. Our huge range includes footwear offering every kind of style and performance-enhancing feature you'll need on the course. Spiked shoes dig into long and short grass to keep your stance steady through pinged drives and nerveless putts. Featuring grippy outsoles specifically designed for fairways and greens, spikeless shoes have the added advantage of looking at home on and off the course. Pairs containing adidas Boost midsoles, meanwhile, will ensure you're still as full of energy on the 18th green as you were when you lined up your drive on the first tee.

However, adidas men's golf shoes are about far more than their performance characteristics. They're available in an array of styles designed to suit every look and satisfy every kind of player, from golfing traditionalists to those who constantly switch between the course and their everyday lives. Slip on a pair of leather shoes with a classic perforated upper and kiltie lace cover, and you'll look like you were born with a bag of clubs on your shoulder. Lace up a pair of specially adapted adidas Superstar, Stan Smith, Samba or Ultraboost sneakers, and you'll discover a look and feel you're already comfortable with. However you do golf, shop our selection of men's golf shoes today and find a perfect fit.

Men's Golf Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some general recommendations to keep in mind. Spiked golf shoes like the adidas Tour360 offer superior traction, especially on wet or soft ground. They're ideal for competitive play or if you prioritise stability in your swing. Spikeless shoes like adidas CODECHAOS are more versatile and can be worn on and off the course. Other factors include comfort — look for shoes with breathable materials and good cushioning. Consider waterproof golf shoes if you often play in wet conditions. Learn more about choosing spikes vs. spikeless golf shoes on our blog.
Technically you can, but regular shoes aren't ideal for golf. Here's why: Sneakers and other casual shoes lack proper spikes or textured soles, so you might slip during your swing, impacting swing power and consistency. Regular shoes may not offer the support and balance needed for a stable swing, potentially leading to inaccurate shots. Some courses have dress codes and might ban shoes that could tear up the turf. While not mandatory, golf shoes offer benefits in traction, stability and comfort, enhancing your game and respecting the course.
Yes, golf shoes can significantly affect your game. Compared with sneakers, their spikes or lugs provide solid footing on grass, preventing slips and aiding swing power. Their wider soles and low profiles offer better balance throughout your swing, leading to more consistent shots. Men's golf shoes are designed for walking the course — they offer support and breathability, reducing fatigue and improving focus. For serious golfers or those playing competitively, investing in good golf shoes can make a noticeable difference in your performance and enjoyment of the game.