Men's Valentine's Day Clothes & Shoes

Gift him 3-Stripes style that always wins with men's Valentine's Day clothes and shoes, from classic tees and cosy hoodies to standout sneakers and accessories.

adidas Men's Valentine'S Day Clothes & Shoes

Platonic love, romantic love, self love. Celebrate all the different kinds of love in men's Valentine's Day clothes and shoes from adidas. Go traditional and dress head-to-toe in solid red, pink or a combination of the two. We're talking shoes, socks, pants, shirt. Cover all your bases and colour coordinate your underwear too. Perhaps add a hat and a bag? Or maybe go a little more subtle and grab a pair of socks or shirt with hearts on them, and let that red really pop. The adidas Valentine's Day collection has it all, in every size and for men, women and children. That means you can spread the love around and get a present for everyone.

But don't forget to show yourself the same love you show others. Visit the adidas collection of men's Valentine's Day sneakers and grab those fresh kicks you've had your eye on all year as a present to yourself. Or check out our men's Valentine's Day apparel and pick out something special that can also double as a sweet outfit for your love-day dinner. Say, a bright red Firebird track suit to really make a statement or a nice pink polo shirt that will match your date's outfit. Whether you're celebrating yourself or your loved ones this February 14, you'll find the perfect gift in our collection of men's Valentine's Day clothes and shoes.