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From the soccer pitch to the spotlight, adidas Samba shoes have come a long way to secure their legacy. Discover the power of this classic design for yourself.
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First released in 1949 to help soccer players perform on hard and icy surfaces, the humble adidas Samba shoe was all about functionality. But it's since grown in popularity and scope, and it's now a style icon you're as likely to see on the city streets as on indoor soccer courts. Instantly recognizable from its low-profile upper, gum sole and suede toe cap, the Samba shot to fame during the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Legend has it that the pack of reporters covering the tournament were so impressed with this brand-new training shoe, they gave it its Brazilian-derived name.

Fast-forward more than seven decades and today's Sambas have metamorphosed into many different forms. Although some retro versions of the shoe have retained the long tongue from its early days, you're more likely to see a short one now. Apart from that, though, anything goes. You can buy Samba sneakers in a kaleidoscope of colours and with a range of different upper types. What's more, that classic suede toe cap isn't always suede. The three elements that always seem to persist, however, are that sleek silhouette, grippy gum outsole and, of course, the must-have Trefoil. With such a wide selection of adidas Samba sneakers available, you'd better start your search now to make sure you find the perfect pair.

adidas Samba Frequently Asked Questions

Sambas were originally made in the 1950s for soccer, but over time they became a fashion chameleon, worn by style makers from British terrace culture to skateboarding. One version of the adidas Samba is still made as a shoe for training, street play and futsal. But the most popular version is a versatile everyday sneaker with a retro look that mixes well with track pants, shorts or skirts — however you choose to style it.
The Samba Classic and Samba OG are both iconic adidas sneakers, but they have some key differences. The adidas Samba Classic is based closely on a shoe designed for playing indoor soccer, with an extended tongue and a lightweight upper. It's ideal for casual everyday wear, travel and light activities. Samba OG has the same sport roots with a modern silhouette. It's great for those who appreciate a vintage look, a slightly closer fit and the feel of leather and suede.
adidas makes a version of the Samba shoe for playing indoor soccer. However, the beauty of Sambas lies in their adaptability. Most of the Sambas currently made are designed to wear on the street rather than the pitch. They're a timeless style statement, a comfortable companion for adventures and an emblem of adidas sport heritage.