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Men's Soccer Cleats & Shoes: adiClub Members Save 30% On Select Backpacks

It's only a matter of time before the ball finds the net in men's soccer shoes from adidas. Find cleats designed for impeccable play across all surfaces. Shop select backpacks for less and get ready to go back to school in style. Sign up or log in to your adiClub account to get exclusive savings on the essentials you need for the first day back. Limited time offer, while supplies last through 07/19. Exclusions apply.
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Men's adidas Soccer Shoes

Whatever the strengths and weaknesses in your game and whichever level you play at, having the right pair of men's soccer shoes can make a big difference. adidas boots are designed to give you the performance, comfort and support you need to take your game up a notch. The stars of the show, the X, Predator and Copa franchises are all about helping you enhance certain areas of your game. Streamlined X cleats reduce weight to a minimum to ensure you're the fastest you can be. Grippy Predator shoes bite into the ball to ensure that all of your shots find their target. Classic Copa boots use leather uppers to offer a traditional feel that keeps you comfortable until the final whistle.

Each one of our men's soccer shoes can be purchased with a range of outsoles. If futsal is your thing, you'll find super-grippy indoor shoes. If you head to the cage twice a week, turf shoes are the ideal choice. If you prefer to show your skills on outdoor pitches, there are a number of options available, from firm and soft ground tooling to artificial grass outsoles. However you play and wherever you do it, browse our selection of men's soccer shoes to find the perfect boot for you!

Men's Soccer Cleats & Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The terms "soccer shoes" and "cleats" are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are some key differences. "Cleats" typically refers to soccer shoes with external studs on the soles for improved traction on natural grass surfaces. "Soccer shoes" is a more general term encompassing all footwear designed for soccer. It could include indoor soccer shoes, turf shoes and outdoor soccer cleats. A men's soccer shoe is probably made for playing on artificial turf fields or on indoor soccer courts with flat, non-abrasive surfaces. Cleats would not only be unnecessary on these surfaces but could actually damage them.
There can be some differences between a men's soccer shoe and one for women, although the distinctions can be subtle and many soccer shoes are now unisex. Women's-specific soccer shoes are designed with a slightly different anatomical fit because women's feet tend to have a narrower heel and more pronounced arch compared to men's feet. Sometimes, women's cleats might have a slightly different stud configuration. The most important factor is finding a good fit. Don't be afraid to try on both men's and women's shoes to see which pair feels most comfortable and supportive for you.
Don't wear football cleats for soccer. They have deeper, sharper studs than soccer cleats for men. These dig into the ground more aggressively and can increase the risk of injuries for both the wearer and other players during slides or tackles. Football cleats typically offer more ankle support than soccer cleats. This can help protect the ankles during football tackles, but in soccer it can also restrict the mobility needed for fast footwork and sharp turns. Leagues and tournaments may have specific rules against wearing football cleats in soccer games, so check the rules of your league before playing.