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adidas Superstar

Legend. Icon. Superstar. This staple of the basketball court became the sneaker to be seen in on the street. Level up any look with adidas Superstar shoes.
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adidas Superstar Shoes

Hit the streets with a classic look that's been standing tall for more than a half-century. The adidas Superstar shoes above are all about rewriting history. When it first launched in 1969, the adidas Superstar was seen as a low top alternative to bulky and inflexible basketball shoes. In the space of only a handful of years, its aim to topple on-court conventions had already succeeded with the majority of pro ballers reaching for a pair before stepping on the court. Fast forward another decade and the same sneakers were beginning to make their mark in other entertainment arenas and heading out onto the streets.

Now a lifestyle staple, the iconic adidas Superstar sneaker is immediately recognizable on crowded sidewalks thanks to its distinctive shell toe. What's more, with a selection of foot-hugging uppers and cushioned midsoles to choose from, you can be sure it's still as comfortable as it always has been. From classic low-cuts to supportive high tops, and from clean white leather to bold design collaboration uppers, there's a wide range of styles available so there's bound to be a pair to suit your preferences. Get the ball rolling and join Team adidas Superstar by picking up a pair today.

adidas Superstar Frequently Asked Questions

adidas shell toes are hard rubber toe caps made popular by the adidas Superstar sneaker. Other adidas shoes, like the Stan Smith and the Pro Model, also have a rubber toe cap, but they aren't typically referred to as "shell toes" because they lack the specific design elements of the adidas Superstar shoe.
adidas Superstar shoes were originally designed for basketball, but they've transcended their athletic roots to become cultural icons. Their classic looks and comfortable leather build have made them popular streetwear shoes, adopted by hip-hop culture and fashion trendsetters. Their durability and flat soles also resonate with skateboarders.
adidas Superstar sneakers can be decent gym shoes for certain workouts in a pinch, but they're not made for hard training. Their flat sole provides stability, and their leather upper offers some support for your foot. However, they're not cushioned to handle high-impact activities like running or jumping.